Truckers Doing The Right Thing


It is estimated that every day in North America up to 100 accidents involving trucks and fuel spills occur on the highways.

Of course, professional truckers are very well trained and safety conscious but the sheer volume of traffic still means that these accidents do occur.  Diesel fuel spills, fuel tank ruptures, hazardous material spills through tank punctures are unfortunately very common.

The cost of spill response and fuel spill cleanup can be crippling to trucking companies and their insurers.

Typical cleanup costs are in the range of about $200 per liter!!

First responders like the fire department and hazmat teams are often charged with spill response duties and they are constantly on the lookout for products that safely seal ruptures fast.  They are equipped with products that they use to seal leaks.

Increasingly truckers, trucking companies and insurers are also looking for ways to limit their exposure in these unfortunate situations.  Now, they are also giving consideration to having leak sealing products on board their vehicles as part of their safety kit.

Fire departments and hazmat teams have been using RuptureSeal™  for a number of years with great success.  The product can quickly and efficiently seal a ruptured tank resulting in a minimum of fluid spill.

Recently trucking companies like Armour Transport and Morley Annear Ltd. have put the product in the cab’s safety kit and many companies at the Mid America Trucking Show were also made aware of how quickly and efficiently RuptureSeal™lworks.

Working together on safety and protecting the environment.  Safely seal ruptures fast.


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